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Incidents of Bed Bugs are on a high rise as their number is increasing significantly over the past few years. Toronto holds the #1 rank of the Most Infested City in the Canada. The reason behind this is the overly populated hotels, hostels and shared housing. If left to spread, a bed bug infestation can become impossible to control as these pests are difficult to kill. Moreover, they reproduce at an astonishing rate.

Within weeks, a single bed bug can result in an infestation colony of hundreds. This is why we recommend early detection and inspection. At Boss K9 Detection, our trained K9’s are dedicated to helping our clients confirm the presence of bed bugs early with advanced detection services. Our dogs use the power of scent to detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

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K9 Bed Bug Inspections

When you call us, our team along with our trained dogs will visit your place to inspect the area. Our dogs use the power of scent to detect the bed bugs and their eggs.


K9 Bed Bug Detection

Our skilled dogs and handlers will ensure that each and every hiding spot of bed bugs is detected in a timely and accurate manner. Early detection is the key to being bed bug free.


Who We Help

We offer both residential & commercial inspections. We inspect everything from home, apartment, condos to assisted living facilities, movie theaters, hotels, and much more.

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Our trained bed bug dogs can inspect and detect infestations with 96% accuracy!


For your peace of mind, we are a team of highly experienced professionals.


We are committed to delivering high quality services at affordable prices.

The Boss K9 Difference


Is Cost Of A K9 Bed Bug Inspection Worth It?

By having Boss K9 Detection to conduct a search for bed bugs in your property, you’ll be getting the benefit of the latest bed bug detection technology. With us, you can have the advantage of finding out the infestation early, thereby preventing it to become larger.

  • Expert Dogs / Handler Team
  • Non- Intrusive Inspection
  • Complete & Accurate Inspection
  • Specially Trained Detection Dogs
  • Discreet & Professional Service
  • Early Prevention Measures
  • Insured & Bonded Team
  • Pesticide Free Inspections
  • Thank you so much Boss K9 for helping me with the bed bug issue. I am really grateful to you and your dogs.

    Lisa Haydon
  • Very active and trained dogs. And very cute as well. I just loved them. I highly recommend their dogs for bed bug detection.

    Michael Parker
  • It's been great working with the team of Boss K9. They helped detect the bed bug infestation in the early stage. We are really happy with their service.

    Joseph Ortiz
    Julia Hughwood

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