K9 Bed Bug Detection Services In AuroraBoss K9 Detection is a leading bed bug detection dog company offering highly effective detection service to homes and businesses. With a team of experienced handlers and trained dogs, we specialize in bed bug inspection and detection in Aurora. Being in service from past few years, we can easily detect and locate even a complex bug infestation. Our goal is to make your home completely free from the bed bugs.

How We Do It?

If you think that your home has been invaded by bed bugs, contact us right away. We’ll reach you with a prior response with our trained and experienced dogs. Remember, proper inspection and detection of bed bugs is the key to long-term eradication.

At our facility, we train dogs on the real scents which makes them capable of identifying the blood suckers and their larvae. Our detection dogs in Aurora can’t detect the egg casings, skin shedding and dead bugs to make it easy for homeowners who schedule an inspection to ensure if their home is free of bed bugs. Our dogs have a proven track record of delivering 100% accurate and satisfying results.

Reliable & Cost Effective Detection By Dogs

At Boss K9 Detection, our bed bug detection K9’s alert their handler about the infestation after accessing all potential hiding points in a property. This method is quick, accurate and cost-effective. In this way, we can help you to save both hassles and money on unnecessary treatments and inspections done to eradicate the unsure presence of bugs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our bed bug detection dogs are specially trained and are accompanied by licensed handlers.
  • Our K9’s are capable of locating adult bed bugs and their larvae to deliver accurate detection.
  • Our dog and handler will examine the entire area carefully to detect the potentially infested areas.
  • We inspect each and every corner of your place so that not even a single bed bug is given a miss.
  • Our inspection and detection service is tailored according to your location and needs.

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