K9 Bed Bug Inspection And Detection In Ontario

Cockroach Removal ServiceAt Boss K9 Detection, our sniffer dogs are specially trained for a sole purpose, i.e sniffing out and locating the potential bed bug infestations. A trained K9’s nose is quite sensitive to the smell of bed bugs and is considered as an effective method of detection with a success rate of around 98- 99 percent. In the initial stages of an infestation, it has been proven that even a professional pest controller can have a very hard time pinpointing if there is a bed bug problem or not.

Why Are Bed Bugs Hard To Detect?

Bed bugs are extremely discreet pests that can be hiding away in cracks and crevices. Yes, they can be found at all kinds of places within your home, not only just beds. With tiny nymphs and eggs, they are almost invisible to the naked eye. This is the reason why at Boss K9 Detection, we utilize our expert dogs to sniff these buggers out and pinpoint exactly where the infestation is.

Boss K9’s detection dogs have an excellent sense of smell and are very accurate in locating the infestation. Our dogs can survey an area quicker than a professional technician and are non-intrusive. If you think that your property is invaded by pesky bed bugs, call us right away.

Boss K9 Detection For Homes And Hotels

From past many years, we are serving both residential and commercial clients to detect the potential bed bugs. We work with many hotels, motels, and breakfast industries in Ontario. If you have a reason to believe you have come in contact with bed bugs, and or need to know if bed bugs have entered your home, Boss K9 Detection can help you sort it out. We inspect:

  • Residential Properties
  • Under-construction Sites
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Food Bars
  • Movie Theaters
  • Offices and Industries
  • And Many Others

How Does Our K9 Inspection Work?

Cockroach Removal ServiceOur dogs’ sense of smell is so acute that they can pick up the scent of bed bugs even if the infestation only consists of a single pest or egg. A trained handler will lead our sniffer dog through the areas to conduct a very thorough inspection. Once the K9 picks up the scent of a bed bug, it will alert the handler and pinpoint the infected area. The area will be noted, and the search will continue to another locale in your home or business.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

At Boss K9 Detection, our dogs can inspect the average apartment, hotel or hospital room in a few minutes and can do so with great accuracy. They target specific areas and often locate the sources of the infestation which eliminates the need to treat unaffected areas.

With early detection, there is a greater chance of eradicating the problem which can save you time and money. If our dogs do not find bed bugs, you will know with greater certainty that your property is bed bug free, offering peace of mind.

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